Trade-finance helps businesses trade better. Now, it is a few clicks away, more affordable than ever.

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Quartix Platform

Quartix embeds trade-finance throughout the transaction cycle. By monitoring triggers indicating the progress of a transaction, Quartix can immediately offer suppliers the relevant trade-finance product at rates that reflect the actual risk at that point in time, within a few minutes & a few clicks

Customer Benefits

Monetize your assets
Your trade data is an asset. Get the most out of it.
Optimize your working-capital
Your trade data is an asset. Get the most out of it.
Strengthen your supply-chain
Make your supply-chain more liquid, more stable, more inclusive
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Supplier Benefits

Better price
Finance rates reflect the real-time risk, as it decreases throughout the transaction progress
Convenient process
Applying for any trade finance product is a matter of a few mouse clicks
Speedy process
Application processing & money transfer are super quick

Why Quartix?

no customer fees / cash used
a plug & play experience
On-Going Operation
seamless, fully controlled
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