Pay Later.
Unlock Your Cash.

Negotiating payment terms with your vendors can be a real struggle. Quartix helps you turn this win/lose battle into a win/win opportunity!

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We'll pay your vendors early so you could pay them later

Quartix lets your approved vendors collect quickly without requiring you to pay early. This way, you can support your vendors, extend payment terms and hold onto your money longer without having your vendors wait or simply collect early payment rebates without paying early!

Hold on to your cash longer, boost your bottom line.

Quartix is the only solution that helps you optimize cash flow and working capital from the payable side of your balance sheet, at no cost to you. 

Pay vendors later

Negotiate longer terms with greater ease, now that Quartix pays them quickly

Gain rebates

These go directly to your bottom line - you're not required to pay early!

Reward your vendors

Support your vendors by letting them access the friendliest vendor-finance solution!

Plug-in a strategic solution

Gain long term wins, with only 2-3 weeks of implemeneation and no ERP integration
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Collect early on-demand.
Don't commit or overspend.

With the friendliest early payment solution for vendors, in terms of costs and flexibility. You obtain full control over when you get paid


Optional, affordable early payment of any invoice your Quartix buyer has approved.


Plan the timing and amount when getting paid early, based on your needs


Clear interfaces and transparent fees allow you to save time, money and effort.
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