Meet Quartix

A vendor-finance solution that frees up your cash

Quartix is a vendor finance solution like no other.
Existing solutions use YOUR cash to pay your vendors early.
It’s time for a different approach

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We’re an early-payment option to your vendors, that does not consume your cash

We allow your vendors to discount invoices that you’ve approved. Traditional solutions like cash-discounts or P-cards use your cash to pay your vendors early. We don’t. That's how we can offer you, the buyer, a wider array of benefits

Hold on to your cash longer, increase your margins.

With Quartix, not only do you NOT pay early, you can actually pay out your cash later, or optimize margins via early payment rebates

Pay vendors later

Negotiate longer terms with greater ease, now than Quartix pays them quickly

Optimize margins

Via early payment rebates, that go directly to your bottom line

Reward your vendors

By letting them access the friendliest vendor-finance solution out there!

Plug-in a strategic solution

Gain long term wins, with only 2-3 weeks of implemeneation and no ERP integration
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Collect early on-demand.
Don't commit or overspend.

With the friendliest early payment solution for vendors, in terms of costs and flexibility. You obtain full control over when you get paid


Optional, affordable early payment of any invoice your Quartix buyer has approved.


Plan the timing and amount when getting paid early, based on your needs


Clear interfaces and transparent fees allow you to save time, money and effort.
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