Pay Later.
Unlock Your Cash

Quartix provides out-of-the-box solutions for industrial buyers to pay vendor invoices later and optimize cash by combining technology and institutional capital

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You and Your Vendors Could Pay or Collect Invoices Whenever You Want

Quartix makes it easy for you to rationalize payment terms with your vendors or just pay beyond terms, while your eligible vendors could accelerate approved payments with one click (you never pay early).

We monitor your ERP system to detect payment-related events. Then, we offer you / your eligible vendors on-demand, optional credit products that cater to your actual real-time needs

Supercharge Procurement Financial / Operational KPIs

Easily configure Quartix to support your key commercial priorities with each and every one of your vendors. Simply reconfigure Quartix as your priorities and needs change over time

Rationalize Payment Terms

Negotiate longer terms with greater ease, now that Quartix pays them quickly

Buy Now, Pay Later

Need to pay a vendor but your cash is temporarily tight? We got you covered.

Cut Cost of Goods Sold

Capture early payment rebates without paying a day too early to boost your bottom line

Secure Faster Delivery Time

We make it easier for you to get faster delivery time from vendors to avoid operational disruptions
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Collect Early On-Demand.
Don't Commit or Overspend.

Obtain full control over when you get paid with the friendliest early payment solution for vendors in terms of costs and flexibility

Collect Faster

Optional, affordable early payment of any invoice your Quartix buyer has approved.

Sell More

Sell buyer receivables on a non-recourse basis to reduce credit exposure below your threshold and be able to sell more to buyer

Reduce Collection Friction

Avoid repeat calls, emails and collection request, Save time and effort
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