Get Paid Whenever You Want, Regardless of Payment Terms

Is your buyer on Quartix? Choose to have your approved invoices paid anytime during the payment terms

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Get Paid On Your Terms

Each approved invoice is one click away from being paid instantly. Unlike traditional solutions like cash discounts or p-cards, Quartix puts you in control


You get to choose whether an invoice is paid early or not. As a default, you get paid in full at maturity – no cost is incurred


Quartix is 30%-60% cheaper compared to other vendor-finance solutions, such as P-cards or cash discounts


A 100% paperless solution – all you need is an internet connection, and a computer / mobile device

No balance sheet impact

No recourse. It is a ‘true sale’– not a debt obligation – freeing up your existing credit lines. The deal is final – no clawbacks

Reduce Buyer Credit Exposure

Lower your credit exposure towards your buyer to below your desired limit by selling approved buyer receivables to Quartix, so you can sell more to that buyer

Reduce Exposure

Quartix buys invoices from you on a non-recourse basis, so you can take them off your balance sheet completely

Manage Risk

Selectively sell any approved payment to Quartix to gain payment certainty

Control Your Spend

Accelerate payments with full control over the amounts, timing of payments, and fees

Collect With One Click

With clear, intuitive interfaces and transparent fees you can get your cash quickly and move on

On-board quickly

Enrolling takes less than 30 minutes. With an unsecured agreement, no credit check and no commitment is needed

Save time and effort

Submitting an early payment request takes less than 15 seconds and can save you multiple collection requests, calls, and emails

Reduce Dependency

Replace costly, commitment heavy solutions like receivables factoring or ABL with our on-demand, light, and digital early payment option

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