Innovate differently

A new approach to trade-finance innovation

Banks seek to innovate in the commercial space. However, costly, risky investments in infrastructure often make them think twice. Via a unique bank partnership model, Quartix unlocks a profitable, digital and differentiated product to US banks

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Tap into an $800B opportunity with Quartix

Supply Chain Finance (SCF, aka 'Reverse Factoring') is a huge, largely untapped opportunity. It offers four unique benefits to banks


SCF yields higher than average risk adjusted returns, for high amounts of capital deployed


Introduce your clients a new, digital trade-finance product with unique benefits, that is not offered to them by other banks

Access Real time data

A direct digital channel into your clients ERP systems is now available to you. Unlock new business opportunities!

Acquire new client

Dozens of your clients' vendors on-board each program. Connect with them, earn a new client acquisition channel

Everything you need to offer SCF to your clients – in one place

Specialized Supply Chain Finance components are all provided by Quartix 'as-a-service'


Offer your clients SCF, as a new branded portfolio product


No need for you to build new assets / capabilities internally. Monetize your clients, capital and cash management infrastructure!


Quartix isn’t just a tech provider. All specialized SCF components – technology or operational – are delivered by Quartix ‘as-a-service’.

Start generating profits within months

We understand banks procurement processes, and make sure we check all your boxes

A state of the art solution

Advanced product engine and features - always up to date!

Integrate easily

Minimal IT adaptations at the bank's end, lean interfaces

Your brand

A new product that carries your brand in your portfolio

No capital investment

All product-specific infrastructure components, technological or operational, are provided by Quartix

Get to the market quickly

With minimal in-house adaptations and a frictionless integration process, start offering SCF within several months


A flexible pricing model, no fixed or on-going usage fees
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