Boost your cash flow and bottom line

Accelerate cash conversion cycle, cut purchasingcosts, secure supply continuity and more by connecting Quartix to your payablesinformation stream

Calculate Your Benefits!

Rationalize Payment Terms with Vendors

Boost Days Payable Outstanding by Getting the Vendor Payment Terms You Need

We make it easier for you to get the longer vendor payment terms you need by funding your vendors on-demand

Get longer vendor payment terms

Quartix helps you to reduce vendor friction when you negotiate extended payment terms with vendors. Allow your vendors to get paid faster via Quartix and improve the chances of them accepting the longer payment terms you need

Control the dialogue

We provide the early payment service but do not negotiate with your vendors on your behalf. Your dialogue, on your terms

No cost to you

Vendors pay a small fee if / when they choose to accelerate a payment.  You pay nothing for providing these options.No fixed costs for either party


Bridge Cash Flow Gaps by Funding Timely Payments to Your Vendors

Temporarily short on cash? We’ve got you covered

Pay beyond formal payment terms

Whether your payment terms are Net30, Net60, Net90 or Cash on Delivery, you can fund timely payments to your vendors via Quartix and pay back weeks or even months later

100% on-demand to you, 100% transparent to your vendors

Quartix funds you. You then make your payments on time. Your vendors aren’t involved and incur no cost / fee. You pay a small fee only if / when you choose to payan invoice later

Co-exists with bank lines

Quartix unlocks an unsecured, uncommitted line of credit to you, so there are no conflicts with your relationship banks

Get the Supply You Need, When You Need It

Avoid supply disruptions. Take advantage of Quartix in many different ways, to get the supply you need on time

Make it easier for vendors to do business with you

Let your vendors collect your payments whenever they want without asking for anything in return. Make it easy for them to do business with you. Become a premium, prioritized buyer

Negotiate faster delivery times

You can choose to unlock optional early payments to vendors via Quartix, but only if they agree to provide you with faster delivery times

Improve supply chain resiliency, reduce risk

Support critical, local, minority owned vendors by allowing them to collect faster and make it easier for them to stay afloat.

Capture Early Payment Discounts / Rebates without Paying Early

Discover multiple ways to reduce COGS, so you can tailor an individualized approach for each and every vendor

Capture early payment rebates without paying early

Unlock optional early payments to vendors via Quartix and get early payment rebates whenever a vendor chooses to accelerate a payment

Negotiate lower pricing

Unlock access to optional early payments for your vendors via Quartix in exchange for receiving lower per unit cost from them

Capture early payment discoutns, fund those early payments when needed

A vendor offers you a significant discount if you can pay it instantly going forward, but you’re hesitant to commit to permanently paying it early? Accept the offer andfund early payments via Quartix, only when you’re temporarily short on cash
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