Your key purchasing metrics, on steroids

Whether you seek to improve available cash flow or EBITDA, Quartix can help. It generates a long lasting, impactful DPO and margins boost, requiring a quick, simple implementation. A cost / benefit equation that’s hard to beat!

Calculate Your Benefits!

Optimize DPO

Pay out later, simplify payment terms discussions with Quartix

Consider extending vendors payment terms to improve cash conversion cycle and relieve cash flow stress? Quartix can help.

Reduce friction

Quartix lets your vendors collect even quicker than before, reducing friction and allowing you to negotiate terms at greater ease

Control the dialogue

Quartix provides the early payment service, but never negotiates with your vendors on your behalf

Control the timing

Having Quartix in place lets you act quickly when needed, and apply a long-term cash flow fix

Smooth transition

Quartix provides tools for both trading parties to make payment terms transition easier

Early payment rebates,
without the "early payment" part

For sharing your payables data with us, we provide you a quarterly referral fee (rebate)

Boost your margins

This income goes directly to your bottom line

Never pay early

Unlike with similar solutions such as P-cards, cash-discounts, 2/10/net30, you never pay early.

No backfire from vendors

Quartix is the most vendor-friendly solution, as they aren’t forced to get paid early for a fee. You won’t hear complaints!

Support your critical vendors, reduce supply chain risks

Vendors that struggle to access affordable financing would appreciate a new and simple unsecured finance channel

Boost vendor relations

When your vendors can request their cash whenever they want, you strengthen your relations and get less complaints

Reduce supply chain risks

Quartix is a great way to support critical vendors and improve supply chain resiliency

Encourage diversity

Quartix offers a special plan to foster diversity in your supply chain and support vendors owned by minorities

Launch and forget. Your benefits are here to stay

From a cost vs impact standpoint, Quartix provides a hard to beat value proposition

A few weeks to go live

Quartix is unsecured, requires no integration, and doesn’t change any of your operational processes.

Long term benefits

Once applied, all of Quartix’s benefits are here to stay as your business grows

Cover all vendors, or complement existing solutions

Our bank partners' cash enable us to potentially cover your entire spend, or cover all vendors that aren't under existing P-cards or cash discounts arrangements
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