Vendor Perspective: Quartix vs Today's Early Payment Solutions

Vendors that are offered early payment programs by their customers typically are not as excited as you’d expect them to be. Many accept but others instantly decline without giving it a second thought.

While at first, this may be surprising (who wouldn’t want to get cash faster?), the reason many vendors decline the offer is due to the fact that today’s vendor early payment alternatives are all committing and / or expensive

Quartix is changing this reality and offers vendors a vendor-friendly early payment program. It addresses vendors’ main priorities, cost, flexibility, and puts the vendor in control of when they get paid and how much they spend.

This blog post reviews the vendor early payment landscape and presents key differences between them.

Cash Discounts or 2/10/net30 arrangements

Under a 2/10/net30 arrangement, the vendor collects its cash after 10 days - super fast!

However, this arrangement is both costly and committing to the vendor since it has to pay 2% to collect its cash 20 days earlier (reflecting a 36% apr cost). This discount applies to all of the invoices the vendor issues to that customer - an ‘all-or-nothing’ proposition.

This arrangement has many variations (2/10/net45, 1/10/net15 etc) which differ in cost but not in flexibility.

Dynamic Discounting

From a vendor standpoint, Dynamic Discounting is a flexible version of cash discounts. Vendors may select which payments they want to accelerate but still pay expensive rates since the cash that’s needed to fund the accelerated payments comes out of the customer’s pocket. The customer expects a high return in exchange. Dynamic Discounting rates to vendors are typically 15%-25% apr.


P-cards (purchasing cards) or V-cards (virtual cards) are two variations of a charge card (similar to a consumer credit card). Vendors pay an extremely high rate to get paid instantly by the issuing bank. P-cards are also an all-or-nothing proposition.


Quartix lets vendors choose when they want to collect their payments, providing full flexibility and control to the vendor.

A vendor can wait and collect its payment in full at maturity, or click a button to accelerate any approved payment instantly. 

In terms of rates, Quartix is about x3 cheaper compared to 2/10/net30 or p-cards, and there are no fixed costs or subscription fees.

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How do they compare?

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